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Share Your World – 16 September 2019

Here is today’s prompt from Sparks

“This week I’m doing something a little different.  Still questions and answers, but this week I’ve gathered those from other bloggers.   There are a few more than usual too, which you can choose to answer all of or some of.   If you’ve done the question on that other blogger’s site, feel free to use the answer you gave to them if you want.   Each blogger is credited for their contribution.”

Courtesy of Rory:

Are we losing the art of listening in comparison to simply hearing?

I think some of us are but others not.  There are so many empathetic, caring people in my circle who truly listen without judgement or wanting their own opinion listened to.

How often do you openly discuss with friends or here in WP with your readership topics that make you feel uncomfortable or may be taboo or stigma laden?

Quite often with friends – not so much on WordPress.   Mine is not that kind of blog.  I write about my travels, my lifestyle and the good things in life.

Do you think that these discussions should be freely discussed and written about more?

Yes, they should be.  But talk is cheap. Something needs to be done! South Africa has a ton of issues and people are discussing them and writing about them but the situation is still not improving.  Frustrated people are leaving the country in droves – we call it The Chicken Run – but what to do?   If all the good people leave who will be left to help sort out the problems?

Did you have a nickname as a child and if so, what was [or what is it now]?

I had a few.  I think I’ve answered this question before on Share Your World?  I had a Greek surname that was corrupted to Automatic Cart Horse – which I didn’t think was funny at the time but now I think it’s hilarious. My husband used to call me Puppy.  Now he calls me Granny!   My friends object to it strongly but I don’t mind.

Would you rather double your height or lose half your weight?  (In response to last week’s double your weight, half your height query).  Thanks Leslie!  

Suggestion by Leslie – Swot8

Last time I chose to double my weight as I could still live a reasonably normal life if I did.  This time – if I could not live a normal life weighing 25.5 kg nor measuring 330cm.   I would be too thin with either option – so I think I will just stay as I am!

What is your most essential kitchen tool?  (Can be a person you know.  For the non-cooks in the crowd).

A sharp knife. 

Courtesy of Roger Shipp


Gratitude Question:

Who is one blogger you really admire and why?

Do I have to choose just one?   Okay – Pat over at Chronicles of an Anglos Swiss.   She writes beautifully about everyday things in her life as a ‘Golden Oldie’.  She seems to ignore her disability and simply gets on cheerfully with LIFE.   I love reading about her outings in her “wheelie” and enjoy her fantastic photographs.   She is an example to us all.



Share Your World – 9 September 2019

Great questions from Sparks this week.  Here is my contribution.

What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery or came into a huge fortune? 

First I’d have to buy a ticket to win the lottery – so hopefully there is a very wealthy long lost relative that’s pissed off with his offspring and would rather leave his fortune to me!

My generous side says I would use it to alleviate the poverty around me BUT you can’t help others until you’ve helped yourself


The first thing I would do is buy property in Greece or Italy and start the ball rolling to get permanent residence/citizenship there.  Then I would become a human swallow –  summer in Europe April to  September and Summer in Africa – October  to March


while I languished in the lap of luxury I would consider how I could help the poor!  The more you give the more you get, Right?

Villa in Italy

Which decade do you think had the best sense of style?

I rather like the 1920s fashions.  Stunning hairstyles for men and women and the clothes were awesome.


Would you rather be half your height or double your weight?

Well – if I were half my height of 165cm  I would be  82.5cm which is probably what I measured at 18 months old. And then I would have weighed between 11 and 12kg.    I weigh 52kg now and if I understand the question correctly, I can’t adjust both height and weight so I would be 82.5cm tall and 52kg fat.  That simply wouldn’t work.  I would be 5 times as fat as I should be and probably unable to move or lead a normal life.

Doubling my weight to 104kg would at least be manageable if not desirable.   I could still function as an adult and live a reasonable life.  The possibility of doubling my weight is definitely there – halving my height – that can’t happen.   Thank Goodness I am in control of the former!   With a  healthy lifestyle, I guess I can stay in the fifties for a long time yet to come!

fat thin

If you wanted to get away from everyone totally, where would you hide?

Probably the best place to hide would be somewhere in the bush.   My choice would be The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.  There is no internet connection in most of the camps and I could hide out there without anybody being able to contact me.  At the same time, I would be in a place that I simply love.   Usually, I go with my husband but if even he is excluded from this question then I could survive perfectly well on my own for a while.  I would take the Ford Everest, pack a pup tent and what I needed to survive and enjoy the peace until I started to miss him and then return home!

Scout girl in tent theme 4 - eps10 vector illustration.

What do you do that you love?  ❤

I try to enjoy everything I do while I am doing it.   If it’s doing chores that are boring, I listen to a BBC Podcast while I’m doing them and then I have the added pleasure from the completed task that I hardly noticed doing as I was distracted.

I love interacting with my family and friends.  I love bird watching and going to game parks.   I love blogging and reading blogs.   I love going to Yoga. The list goes on.  Basically, I’ve reached an age where I am just very happy with my life.  I am full of awe and wonder that I am privileged enough to live in a beautiful place, have a comfortable lifestyle and good health that allows me to travel both locally and abroad.   I feel very lucky and grateful that Life is Good.

Right now we are camping in Addo Elephant Park! I adore my caravan!




Share Your World 3 September 2019

Some great questions from Sparks

When you’re 90 years old, what do you suppose will matter most to you?

I have warned my children and grandchildren that I plan to be a burden to them when I’m old!  Of course, this is a joke!  I will probably still be looking after them at 90!

What will matter is that I am NOT a burden to anybody and that I still have all my marbles.   My independence will matter the most.


What’s the best way to spend a rainy afternoon?

When I was teaching, rainy day procedure was a nightmare.   We had to keep the children in and take turns with a colleague to fetch a cup of coffee. It wasn’t missing the coffee break that was so traumatic – although it was irksome – it was the behaviour of the poor kids – they would be desperate to get out there and PLAY!   It was up to the teacher to invent active indoor games for their motoric release – but it was just not the same.  When the rain let up I would take the kids out for a walk. Oh, the fun of splashing in the puddles and smelling the cold, fresh air!    Their shoes would get wet – but we didn’t care.

jump puddle

Here in the post-drought Western Cape we are very grateful for the rainy days we are having.   I can’t say I do anything special on such days – I just do what I normally do – housework, Duolingo, hobbies. I even quite enjoy a drive out on a rainy day.

What is one thing you don’t understand about yourself?

I understand myself perfectly.  It’s other people that I don’t understand – and perhaps that’s what I don’t understand about myself – Why don’t I understand other people?

Don't understand

When was the last time you tried something to look ‘cool’ (hip), but it ended in utter embarrassment?   Details?

I had spiky hair and maybe it was embarrassing to some people but I didn’t care.

2010-06-21 018


This is an opportunity to share a picture, a story or event that shows your gratitude.


I am grateful for my Gecko and that I can explore so many amazing places in my country with it.


I am grateful for this lot – They bring me so much joy!

Share Your Merry World – 10 December 2018

Here is my contribution to this week’s Share your world from Sparks

What’s the worst topping you could put on popcorn?   (credit to Teresafor this one)

I’m not a huge fan of popcorn but if I eat it then I would probably put Ina Paarman’s Rosemary and Olive spice mix on it – and salt of course.  The worst thing – sugar!

I would not go for any of these flavours!

In what country did Silent Night originate?

I have to admit that I Googled this one and what I found is fascinating.  I had no idea of the origin of this popular carol but I LOVE the story and will be sharing it with my grandchildren on Christmas Eve.

The answer is Austria.

(WARNING! The following question is NOT meant to start a fuss.  It’s merely a good discussion question in my opinion.  Most everyone knows where I stand on this. If you feel like arguing about it, please give it a pass.) We’re all adults and sensible ones at that.  We can be mature about such things, right?

How would you react if there was irrefutable proof that God doesn’t exist? How about if there was irrefutable proof that God does exist?

This is a bit of a tough one to answer without causing a stir!   Here’s the thing – we all have a God consciousness or spirituality – it’s part of the human makeup.   Since time began we’ve believed in something. Our literature is rich in myths and legends.  There are numerous religious beliefs – where does that come from if not from “God”   We may all have different ways of celebrating this fact but most of us certainly do.

And last question:

What is the scariest non banned item you could take on to a plane

Scariest? I really don’t know but I read somewhere that you may take your own parachute onto a plane. Now I wouldn’t mind doing that but if I had to use it – that would be scary!


Which version of the holiday celebration do you and your family enjoy?  By this I mean do you follow Jewish traditions with Hanukkah; Christian celebrations with Christmas and (for those over the pond) Boxing Day; or some other festivities that I’ve overlooked?   Please do share with everyone!  I truly feel that this sort of question lets us know a little more about our fellow bloggers without getting too personal (i.e. revealing too much of private lives, which some folks prefer to keep private.)

We celebrate Christmas on 25 December with a decorated tree.  Being in the Southern Hemisphere we tend to have a cold dinner rather than a traditional Roast Dinner.   Turkey is sometimes on the menu but usually its Glazed Gammon, Chicken and Lamb.   Lots of delicious salads feature and we deck the tables with Christmas hats and Crackers.   We will certainly be having mince pies, Christmas Cake and a traditional Christmas Pudding.   Last year we celebrated with a big extended family on a farm in KwaZulu-Natal.  This year we are celebrating at our daughter’s home in Plettenberg Bay. There will be at least seventeen of us enjoying the festivities together.  We might insist that everybody dress for lunch but before and after there is very likely to be a lot of activity around the swimming pool!

Last Year’s Family Christmas Photo