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A Judge Decided Review 2

Thanks to Yolandi Reiche for her review of my book, “A Judge Decided”

Anyone looking for a nailbiting courtroom saga should definitely put this novel at the top of their reading list. It was first published in 2020 and is 290 pages long.

The novel begins with the character of Carey, who narrates throughout the book and lends a somewhat nostalgic, yet interesting twist to the tale. All the characters are realistically portrayed and completely relatable. It speaks of the realities of a blended family, raising children together, and the obsticles one has to overcome. My favourite character has to be Penny, who comes across as a very wise lady who through her kindness and empathy keeps her family stable during all the trials and tribulations.

The novel centers around a young mother, Leigh’s, fight to protect and keep her two young sons from her narcisistic husband, by fleeing their country of birth. A court battle for custody of the boys then ensues. The content of which will keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

I really enjoyed the intrigue and suspense of this novel and could not put it down until the end.

Yolandi Reiche