Exploring Mauritius

Good Morning Mauritius

After enjoying another delightful breakfast while admiring the fabulous view across the yacht basin we met our guide, Afzal and set off on an amazing adventure.

First we stopped to photograph the Pieter Both peak that has the shape of a head perched precariously on top of it.  Legend has it that a Milkman took a short cut along the mountain path, felt tired and stopped to rest. He fell asleep and when he awoke saw and heard a group of fairies singing and dancing.  They warned him not to tell anybody but he could not stop himself from spreading the story.  The fairies found out that he’d broken his word so turned him to stone.  His head swelled and is now at the top of the mountain!.

While we were taking photographs we saw dozens of Mauritian flying foxes soaring near the top of the peak.


Our guide then took us to a place where they build model sailing ships.  The Earl found this fascinating and was tempted to buy one – but common sense won – where on earth would we put it.  There were many souvenirs for tourists to buy including a carving of a Dodo – which made its extinct sound when you blew it – We resisted the temptation to get that too!

One of the boat builders working on the rigging

Our guide also took us to a cashmere outlet – cashmere products are big here in Mauritius.   After the first one he wanted to take us to another but I said, “Please don’t take us to any more shops – we are getting rid of our worldly goods – not collecting more.  We spend our money on experiences – not stuff!”  He got the message and that was the end of the shopping spree!

We stopped a few times to see amazing views and then visited the Grand Bassin Temple on the banks of Ganga Talao, a crater lake in the district of Savanne.  First we stopped to see some monkeys on the side of the road. I asked Afzal  if they were a nuisance in Mauritius and he replied that they were not.   They are tolerated at the temples as are cats.


Ganga Talao was discovered in 1887 by a Pundit  He poured water from the Ganga River into the lake and declared that it would be sacred. Nobody is allowed to fish in this lake.

The tallest statue of Duoga in the world
Another tall statue – Shiva

The temple was really beautiful and the lake stunning.   The resident cats do not know the no fishing rule and tried their luck with their paws.

This cutie found a hiding place when she spotted us
All the cats were very pretty
Trying to catch the fish

As we were driving along the road to our next destination Afzal pulled over to the side of the road, hopped out the car and picked some fruit from the trees growing on the verge.

Afzal picking fruit


It was Japanese Guava Season!

Our next stop was Chamerel Waterfall and the Seven Coloured Earth

The highest waterfall in Mauritius


The sands of the seven colour earth were formed from the decomposition of volcanic rock into clay and then soil. The different shades of colour are believed to be a consequence of the molten volcanic rock cooling down at different external temperatures,  but the causes of their consistent spontaneous separation are yet to be explained.

The fascinating seven colour earth

About thirty five years ago Earl fished in a marlin competition at Black River Beach and wanted to go and see what it was like now so that was our last port of call.   The hotel at which he stayed is no longer there but he walked on the beach and we went to see the slave memorial garden which had some fascinating sculptures telling the story of the slaves.



We arrived back at Azure Beach Hotel at 3:45 and after a brief rest went to beach for a refreshing swim.

In the evening we met up with Joan and Garrick.  Joan and I knew each other from Fish Hoek and we also attended Grahamstown Training College in the seventies!  She has been teaching in China for 15 years but recently relocated to Mauritus.  Thanks Joan and Garrick for an awesome evening – it was a great catch up!




Snorkelling in Mauritius

14 March 2019

It was a long day of travel yesterday so we did not book any excursions for today.   But when we woke up refreshed and ready for action we changed our minds, but it was too late to book anything for today.

After a breakfast of fresh orange juice, fruit and yogurt, cheese omelette, croissant and coffee we made our way to an ATM to get some Mauritian rupees.

View from the breakfast room

We then walked along the beach with the intention of returning later if the swimming looked good.  The boats are amazing, just loosely anchored to the beach without fear of coming loose and drifting out to sea!   I spotted a local man on his glass bottomed boat and asked, “Do you take people out snorkelling?”

“Yes,” he replied. “But today I have a group and I’m full.  But,” he continued pointing to the boat, Tam Tam, next to his, “I will phone Sanjeev – he might be able to help you.”   And he did! So an hour later Sanjeev collected just the two of us at the jetty near our hotel.

Tam Tam anchored on the beach

Now I’m not a boat kind of girl but I do like to be in the sea.  And I love being on a coral reef watching those darling little fish swimming around.  So I’m prepared to risk life and limb and endure the rocking just to be able to do that!   The sea was a tad choppy but the weather was glorious.  It was lovely to see all the activity on the water – couples having fun on peddle boats, sailing, a bit of water skiing and para-sailing.  I really want to para-sail but The Earl’s nerves can’t take it. He flatly refuses to let me do it!   In order to save him the stress, I’ve decided not to – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


A typical Mauritian Beach

This is the boat of the chap who organised Sanjeev for us.  He had a boat load of Dutch tourists.
View from the boat toward some of the beachfront  hotels
The Earl said his anchor is just like this one!
The Earl never happier than when he is on a boat – any boat!

When we got to the reef I donned my new alien type mask – it covers your whole face and you just breathe – no snorkel in the mouth.  You can talk while it’s on too!  Earl has dickie ears so he never puts his head in the water.

Sanjeev instructed me to stay near the boat, which side to stick to and warned me not to swim beyond a certain point.

Me in the deep blue sea – well actually it’s quite shallow on the reef – but it’s far from shore!

So off I went and was instantly in heaven!   I don’t have a waterproof camera so couldn’t take photies but in any case they wouldn’t do justice to what I saw.   Most of them were black and white stripy ones but among them were others of the most amazing hues.    When I looked up, I found myself way too

far away from the boat.  I swam back toward it and breathlessly apologized for wandering too far only to be told – “Oh no, we moved the boat as we were right on the reef and we wanted you to be able to see more!”   Panic over – but I was really out of breath from the long swim so Sanjeev gave me a noodle which made me feel  more secure!  I spent a lovely hour enjoying the fish and the coral and then it was time to go back.

The Earl was able to see the fish through the glass bottom of the boat and also by looking over the side. The sea was crystal clear. Before we returned to shore, Sanjeev gave us chunks of bread and said – Just hold it and see what happens.   Well -a frenzy of fish came and nibbled it straight from our fingers!   It was awesome.

The Earl tried to get photos from the boat while I was snorkelling
This one is not half bad
I got to see more colourful ones than these.
Feeding frenzy
Fascinating to watch
Just up The Earl’s street

Sanjeev did not take us back to the jetty but dropped us at the beach instead.   We decided to say there for a while and I went into the sea for a few swims before we went to Sunset Cafe for a drink.

The Mauritians tell us this is Winter! Ha – the air temperature is 30 degrees C and the sea not much colder!
It’s okay – but more fun on the reef
That was great but now I’m thirsty!
A smoothie for me and a beer for him

We returned to the hotel for an afternoon nap and then went out for a walk to explore the waterfront.

A story book temple
A local fisherman using an an interesting pole
Various craft enjoying the bay
 One of the stunning beaches

A big thrill for me was seeing some local Mauritian birds – similar to our red bishops. I think it’s called The Red Fody Bird.


A highlight for The Earl was watching the  fishermen bring in their catch, clean them and display them for sale at an open air market.


It was thirsty work so we dropped into a local bar/restaurant for their Happy Hour Special.

You can’t visit a tropical island without having a Pina Colada

Later in the evening we went to Sunset Cafe for dinner.  We ordered a smoked marlin salad and a four seasons pizza and shared them. Both were totally awesome – but the marlin salad was the best.

The view at night



Hooray for SAA!

After such a hectic 2018 I thought it would be a good idea to stay put for the next six months but my husband had other ideas. He decided that a cruise would be fun so without telling me he did some research and came up with a Costa cruise from Mauritius to Venice.

At the beginning of February, while shopping in Bredasdorp, he parked outside Harvey Travel.

“What are we doing here?” I asked.

“Oh just checking out one or two things,” he said.

Well an hour later with the help of Riaan and Therina and in spite of my doubts that we’d never get Visas sorted out in time, a  trip was put together.  After a few tweaks, everything was booked and we could go ahead and apply for our Schengen Visas.  As luck would have it, we managed to get an appointment at Capago in Cape Town on 12 February, the same day that we had to attend my friend, Heather’s, 80th birthday lunch. Within 8 days they were done and couriered to us via Postnet!
Our itinerary includes three days in Mauritius before boarding the Costa Victoria. The cruise takes us to the Seychelles, Oman, Eilat Israel, Jordan, Cypress, Crete, Santorini, Olympia, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Split and ends in Venice. The cruise is 28 days. We will spend three days in Venice and three days in Rome. Then we will take another 7 day Mediterranean cruise starting at Civitavecchia and calling at Cannes, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Ajaccio, Genoa, La Spezia and ending back at Civitavecchia. We fly home on 25 April.

So today the adventure began. We left Struisbaai in pouring rain on Monday morning and spent the next two days before departure staying with our kids in Plumstead and catching up with friends and family.  My brother organised a transfer to the airport which saved Lisa having to get up at a ridiculously rude hour to drop us before having to fight the traffic back to work.   From the time of the pick up at 4:15 am with an awesome driver to the drop off at our hotel in Mauritius this afternoon at 17:30 Mauritian time – two hours ahead of SA, we had the best service from all concerned.

We had checked in online and when we got to the bag drop there was a short queue – but that did not stop SAA from taking us to the Prestige Desk and getting us sorted in the briefest of times.  I reminded the checker that our travel agent had requested wheel chair assistance for The Earl.   But it was not on the system.  No Problem – she sorted it within minutes and a wheelchair with a charming carer arrived.  Using the assisted travel option has changed the way we travel forever – it takes the stress out of having to walk miles at a fast pace, finding the correct gate and getting through bag check and customs without a meltdown.   My advice to all over seventies no matter how fit you think you are, is to travel with assistance – it’s awesome.   The flight attendants were amazing too.  They helped carry and stow our carry on bags and made absolutely sure that we had whatever we needed. Nothing was too much trouble.  We had two flights – Cape Town to Johannesburg and then Johannesburg to Mauritius.   There was very little time between flights and I don’t think we could have done it without help!  We received the same awesome treatment when landing in Mauritius too.   Everybody was welcoming and friendly and our transfer driver was very chatty and informative about where to go and what to see while we are here.  What a paradise this island is!   The trip from the airport to our hotel was 70 km and took over an hour but we enjoyed the tropical scenery.   It rained a little but all was clear when arrived at the hotel and it’s balmy to say the least!

Azure Beach Boutique Hotel in Grande Baie is really lovely.  It is not 5 star but clean and comfortable and there is a lovely view over a yacht basin.

This evening we had a delicious seafood salad for dinner.

We then took a walk around the area before returning to catch up on our sleep!





What does happy really mean

Sparks asked a question in Share Your World – Are you Happy – if so why if not why not.   The answers from those who played along were interesting and led her to ask another question

“What is the limbo gray area between ‘happy’ and ‘contented’?

I’ve been thinking a great deal about what happiness really is and whether it is possible  to be happy all the time.    The dictionary definition of happy is ‘feeling or showing pleasure or contentment and there are many synonyms for happy –  content, cheerful, joyful, carefree, untroubled and the list goes on!

The limbo, grey area is how you feel when you’re not exuberantly happy, ecstatic or so joyful you can’t contain yourself. Life is tough! You’re not going to feel on top of the world all the time!


And don’t neglect the other emotions – sadness, anger, jealousy, empathy, repulsion –  all have their place.  You would not be a complete human being if you did not feel different emotions.   The thing is we all have different personalities.  A life coach once told me that there are three core emotions that define us – Joy, Sadness and Anger.   How you handle your emotions are affected by which of those is your dominant emotion.  If Joy is not your core emotion it doesn’t mean you can’t be happy and if it is, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be sad.   My core emotion is anger – and it helps me deal with stuff!   My anger helps me express how I feel and get it out – of course in a constructive way.  Sad core people find it hard to express anger and tend to go into a dark place.  They need to learn to let things go and not allow all the sadness in the world to make them unhappy.   They are probably the most caring people among us – they’re the ones who empathize and offer support to others even when they themselves are in the doldrums.  Sad people can feel happy but it’s harder for them.     We are all different and we just need to learn how to recognise and work with all our emotions.

I believe that nobody can make you happy but they certainly can make you unhappy.  If a child dies or you lose everything in an earthquake or fire – of course you’re going to be unhappy.  When my cousin was tragically  killed in an accident they wanted to sedate my aunt.  She refused, “I don’t want to numb my feelings – I want to feel sad for losing my boy!”  And she was right! Maybe some of us can’t get through trauma without sedation and that’s fine but they should be given the choice.   It’s not going to take away that feeling of loss – ever!  You don’t get over a trauma like that – you always feel it but you do learn to live with it. I am still sad about losing my parents, my aunts and uncles, cousins and friends.  And even years later I shed a few tears for them – that’s what we as humans do – we’re sad, we’re angry, we’re resentful – but we deal with it and move on with our lives – nursing those hurts but not letting them bring us down completely.  It is not compulsory to be happy all or even most of the time – some people have circumstances that make it impossible for them to be cheery, but they carry on and do the best that they can.

When I was a child I believed that it was because of people that I was unhappy – the other kids were mean to me, the teacher didn’t like me, if I lived in a nicer neighborhood things would be better.  My mother told me that if I kept crying and being miserable nobody would like me and one day it sank it and I worked on my joy.   It took a while and meeting my best friend forever certainly helped – but it was up to me to find joy in my life.

best friend

So back to the question – I don’t believe there is one grey, limbo state to be in.  It changes all the time.  Life is a challenge.  We need each other to get through the bad times and to share the good.   It helps tremendously to have family and friends but there are plenty of happy single people making it on their own.  If mental illness is part of one’s problem it’s essential to surround oneself with people.  I so admire those who recognise that they need help and go and get it.  They drag themselves up and show up at places they don’t want to be because deep down they know it’s what they need.

I also believe that if one’s core emotion is sadness – make friends with somebody whose chirpy.   Surround yourself with cheerful people – you need them to help you find joy and they need you to empathize with them when they’re down.


Those who are chirpy – don’t judge – be there for the anxious.  I promise they are not being anxious to annoy – they need uplifting.  Try to put things in perspective for them – but in the gentlest way and there’s nothing like laughter to lighten a situation.

I read this about Eeyore and it makes so much sense.  Here is a quote from the link

“Eeyore was often sad, he didn’t look on the bright side often, usually moved pretty slowly, and his dialogue in the book is almost always written, “said Eeyore, gloomily.” For many people, being diagnosed with depression sounds almost as bad as a death sentence. Because honestly, a lot of people in today’s society still view people with depression as broken or sick and that they need medication or to talk to someone. And maybe Eeyore did need all of those things. He could have very well benefited from medication or a counselor. But there was one thing that Eeyore had that many real people who suffer from depression don’t: The Hundred Acre Wood Gang.”

The gang.png

In conclusion, when I say I am happy, I mean that in general I am. I’m an optimist and have a positive attitude.  Maybe I put my head in the sand because I don’t allow the chaos of the world to affect me.  I leave that to my hubby and he fills me in with how awful things are sometimes. This keeps me being a bit more realistic about the state of the world but once I’m over being depressed about it, I look on the bright side and point out the positives to my darling.  This stops him from falling into deep depths of despair because believe me in this country there is a lot to be worried about!   I’m not only talking about politics making us unhappy though – there is always stuff to deal with.  But one of us tends to let it get him down while the other looks on the bright side.  This is how we balance each other out and remain sane!


Share Your World 4 March 2019

I have slipped out of routine and neglected my blog for a while so have decided to do Share Your World this week.  Soon we will be off on another adventure and internet connections will be erratic so my blogging may once again be put on hold for a month or two.  This post is to reassure everybody that I am still here!

I love this week’s questions and I’m answering them before reading anybody else’s.

What’s the first thing you notice about a person?

I’m not too sure – it’s not hands, eyes, body shape or anything like that.  I think the first thing I notice is more subtle – friendliness, enthusiasm, personality – or some sort of connection I feel toward the particular person.

What three habits do you feel would improve someone’s life?

Weeeellllll that is a difficult one –  What’s good for the gander might not be good for the goose but this is what I think might help!

  • Start the day fresh, with a positive attitude that things will go well
  • Drink a cup of hot, strong, coffee – preferably freshly ground espresso, Americana, filter cappuccino -whatever floats your boat.
  • Do some yoga exercises.

The first I’ve tried all my life – even if the previous day was awful – I would try to start with a positive attitude the following day – Sure things would go wrong but I would deal with them and then start fresh again the next day.

The second might be met with horror from those who think coffee is not healthy!  It is!  It’s an essential food for any working person or when there’s stress in your life.  But the coffee must be good!  Currently I am drinking an excellent blend, brewed in an Italian Coffee Pot.  I take it hot, strong and black!

The Third – Is something new in my life.   I have always had some sort of exercise routine but after retirement I neglected all kinds of routine.  But recently I started Yoga. It’s just me and my new teacher/friend.  We do it every week day morning at 6:30 and it’s both challenging and calming.  I am loving it and becoming so much more ‘mindful’!


What takes up too much of your time?   Would you stop that if you could?

In my current life, time is my friend.  I can do what I want when I want.   I spent enough years being selfless and splitting my time among all those who needed my attention – not that I regret one moment – I always made time for myself!   BUT now the only other person I have to consider is my darling husband – and that’s just not a problem!

I spend an indecent amount of time on the computer – NOT GAMING!   I Blog and learn languages.  I started Italian on Duolingo in May 2016  – Conosco un sacco di parole, ma non posso avere una conversazione.  (I know lots of words but cant have a conversation)  I’ve probably worded that incorrectly in Italian – but there you are – I can construct a sentence!

My ancestry is both Italian and Greek – and I have just started learning my father’s language – Greek!  I learned about 20 words when I was a child but never the alphabet.  I’ve mastered that now – and wow – it’s awesome to learn another language in a strange script!   I doubt I’ll ever be fluent in either of my new languages but it’s fun trying.  It’s an awesome way to keep Alzheimer’s at bay.      Γεια σου ειμαι Ελενη  και αγαπω τη ζωη   Hello My name is Helen and I love life.

So that’s what takes most of my time – The Earl thinks I’m crazy – but he’ll thank me when I can at least read the street signs in Greek on our travels!  Did I mention we’re boarding an Italian ship for a 28 day cruise in a week’s time?  It leave from Mauritius and ends in Venice – stopping in at Seychelles, Oman, Israel, Jordan, Cyprus, Crete, The Greek Islands, Croatia and Italy!  Who knows when I might need my smattering of foreign vocab.

Those of you who South Africa Afrikaners reading this – don’t worry – I haven’t neglected my Second Language – Ek kan nog Die Taal praat.    It’s just the indigenous languages that I have not yet attempted!  They’re unfortunately, not on Duolingo! But I do have a daughter and grandkids who can make themselves understood in Xhosa.  To quote Nelson Mandela – If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.

Would I stop if I could?  Sure – but why should I?

Cookies (biscuits to those elsewhere), pastries, pie or cake?   If not, what does your sweet tooth crave?

  1. chocolate

It is most definitely another essential food group no matter what diet you’re on!   I can say chocolate I want chocolate in three  languages other than English! Ek wil sjokolade hê,  Voglio cioccolato, θελω σοκολατα

cheesey sun1

Gratitude?  Are You Happy?  If so, why?  If not, why not?

Yes I am happy.   BUT Happiness is a state of mind.   I don’t believe other people can make you happy.  I do believe other people can make you unhappy at times but it’s up to you choose happiness as a state of mind.  Now for some people this is not easy and perhaps not even possible.  If your circumstances are dire or you suffer from anxiety, depression, paranoia or any kind of mental illness it’s a constant struggle to just hang in there.  There are people out there who have no reason to be miserable but something in their make-up prevents them from emerging from the doldrums.   Those of us fortunate enough to choose to be happy can’t judge them.  But we can help.  We can accept them the way they are and help them to deal with whatever it is that makes them struggle with their demons.

The rest of us need to sort our our attitudes.  I have met people who are going through the toughest of times, yet remain happy within themselves.  I know it’s a cliche but tough times make you stronger – it’s how you handle it that counts.   Also I do believe you can be sad, concerned, worried, angry while deep down, you have peace and contentment.

I was not always a chirpy little soul – specially not in my childhood. It’s taken work to deal with stuff that I thought was making my life such a drag.  Now I’m very happy.   “Even the bad times are good!” I’m grateful for the good times and the tough times.  And I’ve chosen to BE HAPPY.   Of course sometimes things happen to “spoil” things and I get mad and want to slap or kill someone but after a while I just ‘deal with it’  and “move on.”  Now I know and understand that NOT EVERYBODY is able to do that.  I’m not judging nor saying PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER.  If we know somebody’s story we start to understand and love them in spite of everything.

I HAVE been through tough times.  I have had to deal with stuff but seriously, it’s all been worth it and I am now determined to MOVE ON and ENJOY my old age and have as much fun as I can.  I feel  irritated when people who have pretty good lives and are probably twice as privileged as I am simply don’t appreciate it and will find something to complain about.  These are the ones who will say, “You’re so lucky.  You have this perfect, wonderful life.”  I don’t disagree with them because nothing I say will change their attitude – that’s up to them – and maybe I don’t know their story.   I simply reply, “YES!  I KNOW – Aren’t I lucky! – Perfect husband, wonderful kids, fabulous grandchildren, stunning health!  What more could I ask for –  what’s not to make me happy!”  It really annoys them – hee! hee!

A few years ago at work, I bounced into the teachers’ lounge and cheerily greeted a colleague.  She replied, “Stop being so chirpy – It’s irritating!”   So if this post has been too chirpy – I apologise most sincerely!


Two Oceans Marlin Tournament 2019 Day 2 to Day 6

On Tuesday and Wednesday one or two marlin were sighted but none landed.  However, the weather was good and the anglers had fun trying for other species to enter into the Culcutta.     On Thursday and Friday weather prevented them from going to sea but they were out there again on the last day, Saturday.   No more Marlin were caught making Team Capetonian the winners!

Here are some of the results of the Culcutta and Lucky Draws

Bi Catch Prizes:

1st: Werner Kotze – Team Riptide YT 6.75kg
2nd: Chris – Team Dory YT 5.04kg
3rd: Steward – Team John Graeme YT 4.55kg
4th: Johan vd Walt – Team Dory = YT 3.05kg
5th: Pkkoe – Team Capetonian – Skipjack 2.09kg

Big Catch Lucky draws.

Tuesdays Lucky Draw – Team Indigo
Wednesdays Lucky Draw – Team Sunseeker

Werner Kotze – Team Riptide for Marketing Toyoya Robertson


Ben Viljoen – Team Zulick – Water in fuel
ET – Team Riptide – Taking Toyota Banner without permission of premises.
Allen Hills – Team Moondancer – Bend fuel pipes
Andrew Perrins – Marlin Control – overslept and forget to call lines
in on time.
Hubert Meyer – Team Capetonian – Radio out of order
John – Team John Graeme – lost his shorts – walking on boat naked.
Mike Broderick – Team Bad Co – Forgot his fishing gear at home – norods or tackle – had to turn around.

Andrew pays the price!
Andrew’s Dog, Shonga – looking concerned about the goings on of the strange humans

On Friday night there was a wine auction – Andrew being the very able auctioneer.   Thanks to those guys who made generous bids as the proceeds go toward paying for some state of the art equipment

Searl, pleased after winning the bid
I can better that!
Another generous bid
Pleased with the results
And it was Mike’s birthday – so a sparkler was in order!

No competitor went home empty handed after the Prize Giving on Saturday night.   Thanks again to the many sponsors for their generous donations.

Of course the trophy this year went to Team Capetonion.

Werner Kotze – by catch prize – Riptide
Roelof Visagie – Team Multi – Main Big Catch Prize
Chris Gillitt – Garmin Sponsor with Hubert Meyer
The Earl and I each received a bottle of my favourite Springfield wine for our part in taking photographs
Christo and Davy for their part in safety at sea
Searl Durrman sponsor from Aquila receives a ‘Sniffer”
Jacques van Niekerk – Sponsor receives a “sniffer”
Francois van der Merwe from Raymarine
Chris Gillett from Garmin receives a sniffer
Prizes for all the teams
Our trusty security guard receives a couple of bottles of red
Lucky draw winner of a Viljoensdrift Boat Cruise – Mike Broderick
Winner of an Arniston Hotel stay in lucky draw – Gawie Bruwer
Team Capetonian win The Trophy or 2019
Thanks to the catering and bar staff
Flowers for our fantastic Manageress, Mirinda
And our awesome secretary, Elsa
Jaco Jacobs from Team LeBoss received a sniffer in thanks for his sponsorship
Chris Goatley of Team John Graeme – receives a prize for Culcutta
Stephen Griffiths from Met Eish wins two nights at Malagas Hotel in the draw