Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Blue

Linda asks us to write about the first blue thing we see as we sit down to write from today’s prompt – BLUE

And strangely I am surrounded by quite a few blue things.  A tablecloth on my picnic table, the chair I am sitting on and the sky as I am sitting outside my caravan in The Karoo National Park.

I always pack a table cloth when I go camping although I seldom use one at home – preferring to use placemats on my table or counter there.  But when picnicking in the bush you need to cover the outdoor tables in picnic spots as they’re not too clean!   Back at camp the table cloth just makes you the area look prettier.

Unfortunately, I have lost one or two table cloths through carelessly forgetting to remove them from the picnic site table and once at a self-catering cottage!  I am more careful now.

I am very fond of this particular table cloth which I spotted at a  craft stall at a  garden show in Kokstad.  It’s home-made and of very good quality.

Both The Earl and I have blue camping chairs.  They go with us everywhere and are very comfortable.  They’re the first things removed from the caravan before we set up.  First, they hold the canopy poles and then us as we enjoy a bitterly cold drink after the effort!

I am grateful to have the clear, blue sky as rainy days aren’t much fun when you’re camping!   The early mornings are crispy cold but clear but by 10 o’clock it is lovely and warm here in The Karoo National Park.


Blue table cloth, blue chair, blue sky and even the dish towel covering the plastic sink is blue!



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