We’re in Plettenberg Bay

After spending a wonderful week with the Kokstad Clan we made our way to Plettenberg Bay on Thursday.   The plan was to overnight somewhere as it is a very long drive.  But the Earl was doing well.  We dodged potholes and avoided cows and donkeys and gingerly overtook huge trucks all the way through Transkei but things improved once we were got to Kingwilliamstown where we stopped for brunch.  Our next stop was Colchester where we stretched our legs and got ice cream.  It was here that we decided that we could make it all the way.  After stopping a Storms River for fuel and a loo break we pushed on and made it to Jubilee Farm at 17:45.

Although it was a very long day we are glad that we didn’t stay over anywhere because it was so good to be with our kids and grandkids again.   Our eldest daughter, Lisa and grandson Jay (22) had been there a few days already.   Lollz our youngest will come on Monday.   Jay cooked us a delicious Chinese stir fry for dinner.


Jay, Allan, Lauren, Lisa, Shannon, Earl – Simon was hiding and I was taking the photo!

20 December 2019 – Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping can be so stressful.  It’s not the amount of money you end up spending but rather trying to think of what you should get for the now-grown children!  This year we have decided to do Secret Santa for the parents, aunts and grandparents and keep the three kids’ (aged 15, 17 and 22) gifts to under R200.   Instead of spending too much money on gifts that might be unappreciated we decided to concentrate on experiences.  We will do stuff together, go out for the odd meal and visit interesting places.

Earlier this morning a message from Lollz appeared on the Family Whatsapp.   “My eardrum burst.  I’m on a drip in Constantiaberg. ”  This was posted while we were all asleep.  She had flown from Johannesburg to Cape Town on Thursday and this is when the pain started.  At 01:00 she was in agony and drove herself to the emergency room.

When I finally got through to her she was back home but not feeling good.  But she had to get to the pharmacy to get more meds.  Her latest message reports that she is feeling a bit better and has done her Christmas shopping.

Simon, Shan, Grandpa and Gran went into town to do our Christmas shopping.    We ordered Sushi for our dinner which we collected when we were done and had a delicious breakfast at Frendz! Shan took a photo of Simon and me.


We then split up with the kids and met up once all the shopping was done.

In the afternoon we chilled at the farm and swam in the pool.


View from the patio

Our sushi supper was awesome!  I forgot to take photos!

Saturday 21 December 2019

This morning. Lauren, Earl and I drove to town to do a big food shop.  Tomorrow is Allan’s birthday and we will be entertaining.   We also shopped for Christmas dinner and hope we don’t have to go back to town till after that.

Once again we had breakfast at Frendz.

The weather took a turn to chill this afternoon and we spent most of the day chilling and watching television!   Lauren and I sorted out the fridge, cleaned the kitchen and scullery and I also made a Banting Ice Cream. Verdict on that in a later post!






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