Lockdown in South Africa – Day 10

Ten days in Lockdown – almost halfway through if they decide to lift the restrictions on the due date.

The SA government is really taking the Corona thing seriously. I read a report here about what they are doing. High-risk areas have been identified, 5400 field workers have been trained and deployed to areas in need.  Provinces are working with the National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) to identify testing sites which will include both fixed and mobile test facilities. And still more people are being trained.  President Ramaphosa said, “The coronavirus changes everything,”   He is urging businesses and citizens to rethink how governments, businesses and communities function and relate to each other.

Unfortunately, there are still people who are not taking things seriously.  One young man posted a video of himself ignoring lockdown on Facebook.  Unfortunately for him, the police tracked him down and he will be facing charges of contravening Regulation 11B of the Disaster Management Act 2002. He is currently in police custody and he is expected to appear in the Pretoria magistrate’s court tomorrow [Monday].

We only got up after 9 this morning.   The weather started off calm and sunny but the wind picked up later during the day.    Our day took its normal course of chores, checking on the garden birds and bunny, reading and blogging.  Lollz cooked dinner this evening – a lovely pasta and chicken dish.


I decided to contribute to this week’s black and white challenge from Cee The topic is ‘wheels’


Bicycle Wheels in Amsterdam


Wagon wheels in Bruges


Landrover wheel

3 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 10

  1. Anne

    The Department of Health surveyed our suburb yesterday and have called certain residents to be tested at their mobile station tomorrow. It is pleasing to know that this is happening.

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