Share Your World Monday 21 December 2020

Here are my answers to this weeks questions from Sparks

What is your favorite type of cookie (they’re called biscuits in Europe I believe)?

They are called biscuits in South Africa too. Any biscuit with chocolate is my favourite. I don’t often indulge in sweet carbohydrates but Romany Creams are irresistable.

If you could choose one age and remain that forever, what would it be and why?

That’s a difficult one. I can’t imagine being at one static age forever. There is a season for everything and each stage has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

I enjoyed the energy I had in my thirties and it was a very busy decade. If I stayed there it would be never ending! Now in my sixties I am still energetic, have time to indulge in a number of activities I did not have time for before and I am no longer responsible for the very young and the very old in my life. So perhaps I would like to remain in my sixties forever. May I never become sick and frail!

Super Gran!

Do you have a traditional drink during the holiday season?

Not really – we don’t do eggnog. There will be some good South African wines both red and white on offer and of course, Prosecco

Are you able to still believe in holiday magic as you did when you were a child?

Well, all our grandchildren are over 16 now but they still love Christmas. It’s not quite the same feeling as I had as a child the best part being when my mother read us “A Visit from St Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore.

When I was teaching Grade One – 6 to 7 year-olds – I loved doing the Christmas stories, How the Grinch stole Christmas, was a particular favourite and one year, I read it to my grandchildren too.

Reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas to Grandpa and the grandkids – some years back now.

GRATITUDE SECTION (Always optional)

The prompt is wide open today, for anything you care to share!

I am grateful to be sharing Christmas with our kids and grandkids this year. I have friends who will be alone due to Covid restrictions instituted by their country of residence and others because of self-isolation. One of our own is also unwell and won’t be joining us. Hopefully it is not COVID.

I am also super-excited that my book. A Judge Decided is now ready for distribution. How very grateful I am to all those who worked tirelessly to help have it ready before The New Year.

More about this here

2 thoughts on “Share Your World Monday 21 December 2020

  1. Melanie B Cee

    Thank you so much Helen, for Sharing Your World! Congratulations on your book launch too! That’s amazing! What a lovely ‘gift’! I’m glad you can get together with your family and experience some holiday cheer! Merry Christmas to you and yours and blessings all the year ’round!

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