Breaking Free from Lockdown. Day 30 Satara to Nhlanguleni Picnic Site

Tuesday 24 August 2021

We had a very interesting day today. We left camp at 07:45 and followed the H1-3 before turning down to check out the Nkaya Dam. Then we followed the S33 and S36 to Nhlangulela Picnic Site. Our return took us along the S36, S125 including the Nwaswitsontso loop then back onto the H1-3 reaching camp at 12:55.

Swainson’s Spurfowl were everywhere as usual.
This little Steenbok decided to nap right next to the road
What a pretty girl you are
Magpie Shrikes are common in the park but always lovely to see settled in a tree

We were delighted at what we saw when we arrived at Nkaya Dam. It was clearly the right time of day to be there as a variety of creatures were taking the waters. Our cameras did not stop clicking and choosing which to post in today’s report was quite challenging. Sometimes it’s the little things that give us the most pleasure. Of course it is thrilling to see the big five but watching animals and birds interacting at the waterhole is just priceless.

First the impala came to play and drink
Then the zebra appeared on the scene
The kudu also thought it was time for a drink
Zebra, Impala and kudu sharing a drink
Warthogs were not shy to join in
An amazing waterhole scene
And another
Lovely time for warthogs
Hey guys – Isn’t this a fabulous pub.
Hi Guys – Thanks for sharing with me

There was a lot of coming and going and plenty of greeting and mingling.

A Go-away bird surveyed the scene
Zebra enjoying a drink
Stripy Faces
Lets share this patch
The drinks are good here
This is so good
Come and have a drink with me
I love this place – the French food on the menu is delicious

After enjoying our time at the waterhole we continued on and enjoyed the usual creatures but the next highlight was on the S36 just before Lugmag Dam.

Sable are not often seen so we were thrilled to get them in among the trees

We stopped for coffee at Nhlanguleni Picnic Site where there is a waterhole. Some impala were having a drink.

The best kind of roadblock to end the drive

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