Share Your World 10 October 2022

Melanie asks some interesting questions this week. Here are my answers.

Can we really know everything?

No, I don’t believe we can know everything but some people know more than others. We tend to know more about things that really interest us while other stuff we might find terribly boring or not in the sphere of our mental ability. Of course, some people think they know everything.

Where were people before they were born?

Before I was born, I was a fetus growing into a human being in the womb. Before that I was a little part of Mom and a little part of Dad – I think?

Does the Law of Attraction exist?  (Law of Attraction as I understand it) is a school of thought where positive thinking brings about good changes.  Some say it’s made them wealthy.  Others say it improves their health or their outlook on life)

I think it might. When I was a child I was pretty negative and thought the universe was against me. As I grew older I changed my attitude and although I still had to work at it, things started going well for me. Of course, bad things did happen but facing them with a positive attitude did help me deal with each situation better than I otherwise would have. Maybe it’s not the law of attraction but the way in which I look at life. I have been in situations where people have said, “But how on earth are you coping with this?” My answer has always been – This too will pass – and thankfully it always has.

Do we love ourselves more in the virtual world and less in the real world?  If so, why?   If nay, why?

I am assuming that the virtual world refers to social media and our presence on it. (I don’t go into any other virtual worlds with avatars etc) I feel the same about myself in both worlds. I share positive things both on and offline. I enjoy sharing my life experiences and love learning about and from others too.


Are you happy?

Yes, I believe I am happy. I choose to be happy. Sometimes things make me sad and if I can I try to do something about it but if I can’t I still choose to move on and get over it. I believe every emotion is important. We need to be angry, sad, jealous, frustrated, etc from time to time. It is all part of the human condition and spurs us into action. Being too happy can make one complacent and prevent one from taking action when necessary.


8 thoughts on “Share Your World 10 October 2022

  1. Mary Craig

    Sure was the happiest time of our life being retired. I loved my job but now I love my retirement more… They sure make u think with their questions and I love your answers.


  2. Melanie B Cee

    Thanks Helen for Sharing Your World. Glad to see you back again! 🙂 Wonderful answers to all the questions, and yeah, womb service? A stitch! 😂 I would say that you have the secret to happiness – you make the best of what comes your way, and refuse to let negativity bog you down. Some of us could take lessons! Have a great week and what a lovely photo of the giraffe! Lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Thank you, Melanie. I don’t know about having the secret but I try to be positive 🙂 I am of course also very privileged and have a wonderful supportive family. All that helps. I’m glad my giraffe has brought you joy!



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