Lockdown in South Africa – Day 49

Last night President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation after a silence of three weeks.  In my humble opinion, our leader is doing his best although there are many complaints from the general public.  If you compare him to other heads of state I think we are lucky to have such a level-headed man in charge.  He is upfront and honest as well as sympathetic to the needs of his people.  He listens to the advice of the scientists and explains why we need to be vigilant.   This country would be 8 times worse off had he not acted as quickly as he did.  Provision is being made for those in need.  He is not in denial and he is organised.  The country will remain at Level 4 lockdown till the end of May and then most of the country will go into Level 3.   Areas, where there is a high risk of C-19, will have to remain at Level 4.

The rest of the world seems to be slowly returning to normal. Schools have reopened in Switzerland and are due to open in England on 1 June.  Our Grade 12 and Grade 7 learners were supposed to go back to school on 6 May but this did not happen.   My granddaughter is in Grade 12 but at a private school.  She has been working hard at on-line learning and expects to go back early in June.   I am worried about this as she is a boarder and shares accommodation with two other girls.  Living on a farm has enabled her to keep well away from the virus.  She is positive and looking forward to getting back to normal life!

Today there is a lot of discussion on how to move forwards.  The hotspots are Cape Town and Johannesburg.  There are many areas where there are almost no cases of C-19.   Our provincial leaders are working hard to get the lesser affected areas to Level 3 status.  Tobacco and Alcohol products are under review and may be allowed even at Level 4.  If this happens the government will find a lot more cooperation from the citizens of South Africa!  The good news is that e-commerce has been opened up and you can order almost anything online – but not tobacco and alcohol yet!

Back to the homefront.   We had a beautiful sunny day today.  I walked alone this morning as the Earl had some stuff to organise for Lollz to take to Cape Town for him.  She will make the deliveries tomorrow.  Before leaving she did some online work then departed at 11:30.   There was a roadblock and she had to show her permit and driver’s license but had no trouble continuing on her journey.  There are a few things she needs to do at the office but hopes to be able to return to us in about a week’s time.





2 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 49

  1. dianaxmoga

    Hi. I enjoy reading your posts on life in South Africa. Could you explain what a “boarder” is? Do you mean your granddaughter attends a boarding school? I’m in Texas and in the U.S. boarding schools are not mainstream. Thanks, it’s fun to learn about life over there.


    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you’re enjoying reading about South Africa. My granddaughter does indeed go to a boarding school. It is a small private school which provides boarding from Sunday night to Friday afternoon so the boarders are at home every weekend.



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