Lockdown in South Africa – Day 58 – Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Today I am participating in Stream of Consciousness Saturday from Linda.  The brief is to write a post using a word beginning with ch.

“Chilly mornings are invigorating and energising,” says nobody in their right mind while snuggled under the duvet on a cold, winter’s morning.   But when you have no other slot to get outdoors for the rest of the day you have to try and convince yourself with something positive.   And surprisingly enough once you’re pulled on the warm jeans and jersey it is wonderful to be out in the crisp, cool air. We stepped out to a clear sunny morning at 8 this morning and did our usual half an hour for him and an hour for me.  There is no more wondering whether to wear long sleeves or short – sunshine or not a jacket and scarf is now required.

Chucky is the colloquial name for a commercial fishing boat here in Struisbaai.   The name comes from the sound the engine makes when started – chuck, chuck, chuck.  The Earl always likes to know how many Chuckies are out for the day and checks to see as we pass the harbour.  He knows almost every one of them by name.


Some chuckies moored in Struisbaai Harbour

This morning there were not many out.  The change in the weather is a factor in how often the fishermen will be able to go out.   One such local fisherman that we know is also a building contractor and with the lockdown has been unable to work in that line so fishing is now his only means of making a living.   It is not only tough on him but also the men that he employs both for fishing and contracting.  Many of these Chuckies are more than 40 years old but they sure are tough. The Earl being a passionate fisherman himself is very sympathetic to the locals and often lends them a hand with their boat maintenance especially on the electrical side.    They all know him by name and are very fond of him.

Part of the charm of our little harbour is the stingrays that visit when the fishermen clean their catch and throw the guts into the water.  These rays have become very tame and every tourist who visits hopes to get that compulsory photograph with the friendly creature.


Taken before Lockdown – a visitor is thrilled to actually touch a stingray!

It will cheer me up considerably when we can welcome tourists back to Struisbaai.   If you get a chance when things change do come and visit our charming spot at the tip of Africa.


6 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 58 – Stream of Consciousness Saturday

  1. Anne

    I am champing at the bit to change my routine and come charging down towards your neck of the woods on my way to visit my grandchildren in Cape Town who will be chuffed to see me after such a chuggingly long time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. JoAnna

    It sounds like a charming place to live, even with the chilly mornings. I’ve always heard that stingrays are gentle. We just have to watch out not to step on them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Our stingrays are definitely gentle but that tail can give a nasty sting. I don’t really approve of people petting wild creatures but understand the temptation when they are so sweet. There is usually a local around telling people the story of the stingrays and he warns tourists to be careful of the tail.

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