The Sixteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament – Auction Night

Wednesday 16 February 2022

Bad sea conditions prevented the anglers from competing out at sea today. The wind was too strong, the sea too rough and there was a little bit of rain too. This is most unusual for February in the Western Cape and many anglers who had travelled far to take part in the tournament were sorely disappointed. But safety at sea has to be a priority and after careful consideration and checking all the weather apps the weather committee reluctantly called off going to sea.

In the evening, however, there was a great deal of merriment.

The anglers enjoyed some bonding and a delicious dinner of steak kebabs, chips, and salad.

Some serious male bonding
Team Catitude
Team Dory
Team Fortuna
Team Mojo
Team Stompie
Team Orca

Fines were dealt out to Darius otherwise knows as Gorbachev for being hurt by a marlin on Multi while trying to grab the bill, to Chris of John Graeme for calling a Marlin when it was a shark, Vistrok crew for putting in their meal order late, Derek from Orca for booking in late and for losing the boat’s stickers, Jolly Roger for bad language and Mojo crew for being escorted home by the police.

Oh that burns
Not a pleasant nasal experience

After dinner and the dealing out of punishments, Andrew started the Wine Auction. It was a gruelling contest to see who would make the highest bid. The auctioneer took no prisoners and the slightest wave of hand or scratch of ear won the bidder a bottle of wine at an extremely high price. But no worries – it was all for a good cause. Thank you to the generous bidders.

The Excellent Wines on Offer
What am I offered for this 2017 Shiraz Magnum?
Gorbachev makes a generous bid
Trying to beat a bid
Who me?
And believe it or not, I have another bottle!
I just might bid!
I can better that bid!
Beat this bid!
We’ll drink to that!
Noooo I didn’t mean it! (Luckily someone outbid her!)
Thanks for your generosity
Awesome Auction!

Being a mere woman and not knowing the boats intimately I wondered why Vistrok and Le Boss 2 escaped my attention and my camera. The Earl put me right on that and explained that due to their size they were moored in and near the harbour. So this afternoon on my walk I made sure to take their portraits.

VIstrok moored proudly in the harbour
Le Boss 2 adding interest to the bay.

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