The Sixteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament – Final Day and Prize Giving

Thursday 17 February 2022 was the last fishing day of the tournament. It was the anglers’ last chance to land that coveted catch – a marlin of any species or size would do!

Lines in was called at 08h00 and we on the shore listened excitedly as the reports of hook-ups came in. There were a few. Some were makos and bronzies and some were marlin hooked and lost. Only one, the last one of the day and the last one of the competition came in and it was Bayswater that finally won the day!

Lines-up was called at 16h00 and off I went to get some more pictures of the magnificent boats that took part in this years’ tournament.

Bayswater proudly flying the marlin flag!
Team Catitude
Mike and Michel
Ted and Colin
John Graeme
Lega Sea
Marco Polo
O2 Fish
Piromero – The name is made up of the first two letters of the names of the family members, Pierie, Robin Jnr, Melinda, and Robin Snr and in Portuguese, it means The First One How lovely is that!

Friday, 18 February 2022 – Prize Giving

Thanks to the generous sponsors there were great prizes and every boat was awarded something.

First to Sixth place winners received awesome prizes
The other teams each received a generous bag of goodies

Each year TOMT has a flag which is auctioned to raise funds for the next tournament. This year last year’s flag, as well as the 2022 flag, were auctioned.

The 2021 Flag
The 2022 Flag

After this, the prizes were presented. I have posted photographs below and hope I have the team names right.

Team Gwaza
Team Amazing Grace
Team Dory
Team John Graeme
Rudi Moolman Skipper of Lyfie
Team Marco Polo
Team O2 Fish
Team Orca
Team Piromero with the family
Team Stompie
Team Vistrok
The Bar Ladies were thanked with a special gift
Trevor Brinch is more commonly known as Spotter One addresses the anglers
A Gift of thanks to Spotter One – Always ready with weather reports and checking on the boats while they’re out at sea.
A gift for Andrew Perrins – Marlin Control Man in charge of Safety at Sea and keeping the fleet under control with his excellent Master of Ceremonies skills. Thanks, Ands, for your dedication and hard work.
Accountant Dahlene was thanked for all her hard work too
Cub Manageress and Caterer extraordinaire – Thanks for all your hard work Marinda
The Photographer and Blogger receives a great reward – her favourite, Springfield, Life From Stone.
In Sixth Position – Team Catitude
Fifth Position goes to Team Bad Company
Fourth Prize goes to Team Lega Sea
Team Mojo in Third Place
Team Multi takes Second Place
Well done to Bayswater for winning First Prize!

There are just too many sponsors to individually name here but they are listed on the banner at the top of each of the blog posts. Please support them. They have donated generously and without their support, a tournament like this would not be the same.

After the proceedings, Gareth Beaumont presented a special prize to Derek Kaplan who was quite blown away with surprise.

Thanks for your generosity, Gareth.

Once again we enjoyed an awesome meal to celebrate the end of TOMT.

The Spit was just too delicious for words

What a great tournament this was. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again next year. Tight lines till then, anglers.

PS – Watch this space for Bayswater’s Story – to be published soon.

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