Share Your World 7 March 2022

Here are my answers to this week’s questions from Sparks

What’s The Strangest Thing In Your Refrigerator?

In my refrigerator, you will be surprised to find the sugar. You would not believe the ant problem we have. You never see them when all the food is put away. But leave one tiny crumb on the counter and they suddenly materialise from nowhere and you won’t see an ant trail. Leave a bowl of sugar out of the fridge and in no time the inside of the bowl will be black with tiny ants while there will none on the outside. Go figure! For this reason, I make sure that all ant-friendly products are kept in the fridge and I wipe every crumb from the countertops several times a day. It works!

Strange things in Company Refrigerator

Would You Rather Hear The Music Of Johann Sebastian Bach Played By A Barbershop Quartet, Or A Heavy Metal Band?

I’m not too fond of Heavy Metal but perhaps even they could sound good playing Bach. However, I think I’ll go for the Barbershop Quartet. Perhaps they would put words to the music too?

If You Could Erase One Event From History, Which One Would You Erase?

I am sure everyone will agree that the Holocaust should never have happened. There were certainly dozens of attempts to assassinate Hitler and they all failed which makes one wonder – perhaps you simply cannot change the course of history.

If Your Food Is Bad At A Restaurant, Do You Say Something?

If I order something and it does not have the ingredients promised on the menu then, yes, I will complain. If it is something that I ordered and turns out not to be what I expected because I misinterpreted the menu then I won’t complain. If it is inedible because the ingredients are off, then certainly I will complain and refuse to pay for it.

I know many people are quite intolerant of slow or inadequate service. I am less fussy about that. If I’m eating out, it’s to enjoy the company of those I am with and to have a break from home-cooked food. I’m happy to chill and enjoy some conversation while I wait for my dinner.

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always, optional):

On one side of the earth we’re facing upcoming Spring, and on the other Autumn.   What positive or uplifting thought do these changes bring to you?

Thanks for using the word Autumn instead of Fall, Melanie.

Autumn/Fall is my favourite season. The weather is perfect – not too hot and not too cold, the colours are amazing and it reminds me that change is good.

6 thoughts on “Share Your World 7 March 2022

  1. Melanie B Cee

    Thank you Helen for Sharing Your World! Autumn is the word I’d choose to use, because that’s the name of the season. I do realize though that the majority of English speaking folk use “Fall” interchangeably with Autumn. My father used to joke about that, and say something sarcastic like they should watch where they were going. Your attitude towards dining out is very diplomatic. I agree that grousing over small things is rather dim, because (to me anyway) all that will do is irritate the wait staff and/or the cook and we’ve all heard those rumors about what they do in the kitchen to folks like that. If the FOOD is bad (literally past when they ought to be serving it) or it’s not what I ordered, how I ordered it, I’ll send it back. If it’s a combo of bad service and bad food, I’m outta there and i won’t be back. Autumn is indeed a very lovely time of year, we’re heading into Spring (allegedly, there’s a foot of snow out there right now😮 ) which is my personal favorite season, but second would be Autumn. Have a wonderful week Helen! 😀


    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Oh Melanie – I love what you’ve said. I just can’t even imagine a foot of snow! My daughter loves cold weater – odd for a South African – and would love to live in a colder climate. Spring is great but brings the wind in my neck of the woods – so Autumnt wins every time.



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