Lockdown in South Africa – Day 17

Easter Sunday today and the storm we were expecting did not arrive.  There was a bit of a wind blowing but no rain and it was quite warm.

I am sure that all over the world Easter came in spite of social distancing and lockdown and hope it was enjoyable to you all.

Fortunately, rabbits do not get Coronavirus and they ignore the rules of isolation. We certainly had a visit from the one that hangs out around here!


“This one is for the Earl”


“And this one if for Puppy – Lollz can have the one in the middle”

We spent a relaxed day doing various things.  The Earl made pickled fish with the left-over yellowtail from last night. It is in the fridge ready to snack on for the rest of the week.

He then went to tidy the shed and found a box of old photographs.  I had forgotten all about them and we had fun reminiscing about the old days.   I will be sorting them out and putting them into some kind of order in the coming lockdown weeks.

So far 80 085 coronavirus tests have been conducted. There are 2173 confirmed cases.  410 have recovered and 25 have died.  Tonight there was an interesting item on Carte Blanche about wearing masks.  (Carte Blanche is a South African investigative journalism television series that airs on Sunday nights.) There is a lot of controversy about whether it is really necessary but after watching this I am convinced that we should all be practising social distancing and wearing a mask when we are near other people, both for their and our own protection.

Stay safe everyone!

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