Lockdown in South Africa – Day 27

Last night our president, Cyril Ramaphosa, addressed the nation at 20:30.  We only found out what time the speech would be relayed an hour before it happened. All we knew was that ‘sometime today’ the president will address the nation.   I don’t know why a time and channel couldn’t have been given to us right at the beginning of the day.  Thank heavens for social media otherwise we might have missed it. Anyway this speech it seems to me was just to prepare us for what he is actually going to announce on Thursday.   Ramaphosa’s speech was excellent.  I am grateful that he is in charge and not the previous corrupt criminal we had before him.    He continues to take this crisis seriously and to put actions into place that will help ease the burdens that many are suffering due to the restriction on going to work and earning a living.   I believe that on Thursday he will break it to us that we still need to be in Lockdown or that there will only be a change in the rules.  I very much doubt that schools will open again. It is also unlikely that too many people will be allowed to return to work.   That is why he spelt out how much money is being made available for grants for the many people in the country that will need them.  Whatever the news is we will just have to accept it.

The sun continues to shine but it is slightly cooler.  I am still wearing summer dresses but I do add a cardigan in the late afternoon.

Today I am contributing to Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge.

The prompt is Sense of Sight or Eye Candy

Here is my take on it.

[017675]IMG_0704 saddle-billed stork 2018-01-03 2-29-39 PM


Published by puppy1952

I am making the most of the South African Lifestyle and hope with my blog to share some of the adventures my husband and I are having in our retirement. We live at the Southern Tip of Africa in the small coastal town of Struisbaai. Earl and I have a Gecko off-road caravan and we travel around South Africa frequently. We are bird and wild life enthusiasts so are often in game reserves.

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