Lockdown in South Africa – Day 30

My Lockdown challenge  Stream of Consciousness Saturday from Linda G Hill, and the prompt is ‘val’

Being in Lockdown has been a big readjustment for everybody in the world.  It has caused us all to look at our values and consider the things that are most important to us in life.   It is strange how really big issues in the world were not really taken that seriously.  We all talked about global warming, pollution, climate change etc. but we still allowed things go from bad to worse.  Will this pandemic cause us to adjust the way we live forever?  I am convinced that there have been huge changes in the environment even during this short time.  Will industries and businesses reevaluate how they run their enterprises?  Will there be fewer business trips to foreign shores and will there be more online conferencing?   There are so many solutions to the global problem of climate change and planet destruction that we have all been reluctant to recognise.  But a tiny, invisible virus has brought the world to its knees and made us all sit up an take note of what is really important.

Human Nature being what it is I fear that once this scare is over people will just revert to their old ways.  Will we forget the new values we have learned?  Or will the changes we are forced to make now stick?  Will families continue to spend more time together.  Will parents continue to value the teachers in their children’s lives?   Will we continue to cook together and eat together instead of going to restaurants or getting take-out.

Of course we miss the things we can’t have now but at the same time we have learned some valuable lessons.  We have come to appreciate what we can do for ourselves.  We have made sure that we’ve kept in touch with friends and family in spite of not being able to have the physical contact.   There is always a silver lining and this too will end but when it does let us not forget the new values we have learned.


2 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 30

  1. Anne

    You make some interesting observations. Will we revert to ‘bad old ways’? For a start, money is going to be tighter than usual for many families and so the regular take-out meals will not be a common feature for a while.

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