SADSAA Bottom Fish Nationals Day 3 Evening Report

Wednesday 13 October 2021

The teams had an awesome day today. Lots of fish were measured and released and the weather out there was amazing. To be able to go out three days in a row is wonderful but really exhausting for our intrepid anglers.

The radio communications went well with Andrew Perrins, from England, handling the proceedings on 82 Delta, Earl and Trevor, of course, were here in Struisbaai and Agulhas to pick up any gaps that might occur. There was a hiccup when one of the boats lost communication but luckily they were able to communicate with a tanker in the area who reported having seen a fishing boat on the 12-mile bank. He was not in distress but his radio had malfunctioned so he could not check-in for a while.

Here are some of the highlights of the day

The Border Boys returning on Stompie 2
Great Team Spirit from the Border Boys on Stompie 2
The lovely Western Province Ladies on Rapidcat Adele Palmer, Amanda van Staden, Karla Rautmann
Relentless had a good day with The SADSAA Team
Eastern Cape rejoicing after a day on Piromero
Tails-Up brings the Barbarian Girls home
Michelle, Bronwen and Mable after a great day at sea
The Under 19 SADSAA Team were @Work all day today
And these are the results of their hard work -Chais Gaul, Rick Kuisis (Skipper of @Work) Werner van Zyl and Jan Harm du Plessis
Eastern Cape happy with their catch Kevin Clark, Ben de Bruyn, Jan Peinke

Thursday 14 October 2021

Because of poor weather and sea conditions, today has been declared a rest day. It is uncertain whether the teams will fish tomorrow and therefore I cannot post the latest results until this decision has been made. The final results are always kept secret until the closing function.

Should they be announced after the weather call I will do a brief post to let you all know. Otherwise, the next report will be after the closing function.

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